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Shindig brings you the best seats available to an amazing selection of concerts, theater, sporting events and more. And once you’ve found your event, you can pre-order your merchandise and have it sent to your house. Did you see something you liked at the show, but didn’t want to wait in line?

As a Shindig user you’ll be the first to know if your event has “Scan to buy” Just look for the code poster near the merchandise booth, scan the code and have it shipped to your house or pick it up on the way out!* All that is just in our first release! As we grow, you get more. We’ve got user rewards, upgrades and exclusives to name a few.



Project Implementation


QR code scanner allows scanning special codes,
and quickly adding items to a shopping cart

Geolocation & Search
Choose the nearest location of pick major cities in the US

Showing a price range
for the selected event

Event images are culled automatically
from the Bing system

Viewing information about the event,
viewing news and tied merchandise

Buying tickets
for events

Choose the item 
from different categories and events

Buying tickets and goods
in one shopping cart

Merch delivery
with the help of USPS

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