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We take great pride in every project we are involved in. Every member of the OSOM Agency team puts their soul into the development of our projects. Our desire is that every project we make is really AWESOME, bringing more customers to our clients.

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Brief for website development

The need to create your own website for every modern company, store, production, agency is obvious.  But after all, in fact, to explain comprehensively how exactly the future site should be in order to get an effective result, not every customer can.  For this purpose, there is such a thing as a brief on the development of the site.

Briefs: what is it

Brief is a detailed questionnaire with a large number of additional sections, as well as paragraphs and even sub-paragraphs. When a client answers all the questions, describes his wishes, he paints a full picture of what his future website wants to be, which will become the calling card of the company. Thus, it conveys the idea to the executive. Thanks to such a questionnaire, time and, last but not least, money is saved.

What is the correct profile brief

  1. First of all, you need to provide maximum basic information about the company’s activities, since it will give impetus to the concept of the performers and the main essence of the future site.
  2. It is imperative to list the services that the company provides or the goods on which it specializes in sales.
  3. You must make it clear for what purposes you need a site and what functions you rely on.
  4. What exactly do you want to concentrate maximum attention.
  5. Show all technical requirements.
  6. Make it clear what you want to see the structure of web pages.
  7. Perhaps you want to provide some examples of the resources that really attract you.
  8. Be sure to specify the time within which you want to fit.
  9. Describe in detail how you see the design of the future resource and specify all your additional requests.

For you to understand, this is only a minimal list of approximate points that you should, as widely as possible, paint and explain to customers. These points can be further elaborated. Only after receiving the results of the completed brief, the specialists proceed to the development stage.

Brief on site creation: additional nuances

It must be said that the brief in most cases does not concern the aesthetic side of the site. Its main purpose is precisely the commercial side and a description of what the customer expects. You need to make it clear what result you want to achieve with your portal. Although some of the information about the design, colors and in general about the visual design still need to be presented.

In general, creating a brief is not an easy task. After all, such a questionnaire should be as detailed and, of course, properly structured. Masters who are just starting to “cook” in this business usually use the simplest template. Especially because they are full on the Internet. Our company "Osom Agency" has its briefs, with which you can establish cooperation with different customers. Of course, it is better to fill out the brief online, so that in the course of the action you can ask any additional questions that arise, focus on rational proposals, and also make adjustments if necessary.

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