Why quality design for the website is so important?

It was long time ago, when the sites looked like an amusement park - with a dense animation, sparkles, bright colors, miscellaneous fonts. Today, web design is a separate art form that obeys certain laws of aesthetics and usability. And the importance of this approach can be described in four main aspects.


1. Aesthetic beauty and attractiveness

Design is important for a website because it represents a business, brand or individual. A beautiful design does not necessarily have to be complex and bright, in the trend - simplicity and minimalism. It is important that it corresponds to the spirit of the company, its corporate style, if any, to the image of the company as a whole. On a beautiful site it`s nice to be, and users with great confidence refer to resources that create the impression of respectability. A good design is about respect for users and love for their work.


2. Company has to be up to date

Even if you already have a website that stably brings profit, it still needs a regular update. Just like the fashion world, the world of design is subject to change. Every year new technologies appear, new trends in the visual design of the site and the presentation of information. Their use will allow the site to keep up with competitors.


3. Convenience for users

Any site should bring some benefit to its visitors. On the Internet, they search for interesting information, buy goods, order services. And it is very important that the user can easily navigate the pages of the resource. For example, the online store uses a multilevel catalog with a filter system - it allows you to select the right product, get acquainted with its description, find out the price and place an order.

Proper navigation increases the depth of site views, increases the chances of detaining a user on the page. This, in turn, improves the quality of the resource in the eyes of search engines, which will necessarily affect the positions in the issuance.


4. Increase conversions

When you are on a stage of website design development, a whole series of so-called CTA-elements is used. CTA - is a Call To Action. These elements prompt the user to perform some action, and not necessarily just a purchase. It may be an indirect proposal, which in the future will bring you benefits. For example, to subscribe to news, distribute promotional offers, get a discount, get an offer, register. Well-implemented CTA-elements will help to increase the conversion, that is, to turn page visitors into buyers, subscribers, users.

Design is the key component of the site, it affects the user, motivates him to get acquainted with the assortment or content on it. Its development is a painstaking work that takes time and a lot.

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