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To develop a site for the private primary Montessori School, which offers various services for parents and children, as: creative, language, developing children`s studios, classes with speech therapist, courses for pregnant women.
The site must be filled with information so that visitors have not questions, but the desire to send their children to Montessori school.


OSOM Agency has developed a convenient and functional website, where you can get acquainted with the whole range of services and the nuances of the Montessori school. All services are divided into categories, which makes the site simple and pleasant to use for visitors. In turn, with the help of an advanced admin panel, the site administrator can easily edit old pages and customize new ones.


In the design are used shades of yellow, purple, green and blue on a white background. The influence of these colors on the child describes how they will feel in the Montessori school.
At the same time, the design is quite minimalistic and nothing distracts the site visitor from textual information, which is divided in blocks on each page and is supplemented with photos.

We think mobile

As you know, children require a lot of time and attention, so we are working on an adaptive version of the site. Thanks to it, it`s possible to find out more about the work of the Montessori school not only using a computer, but also other gadgets.

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