How to start creating a site

A website is a great way to start a new business or expand an existing one. Regardless of what you do, what you sell, what services you offer and to what extent, the site is the basis for any business. As Bill Gates said: "If your business is not on the Internet, then you are not in business.".

But where to start, where to go and how to explain to specialists, what do you need? We will try to outline the plan of action in this article.


Step 1. Set a goal and describe your future site

When contacting any web studio, you will have to explain what you want to get as a result. Spend a little time thinking about what exactly you need a website for:

The possibilities of using the site by this list, of course, are not exhausted. Thanks to modern technologies, you can create a web-product with unlimited functionality. From what tasks you put before the site, its format, functional depends, and in many respects the price of development depends on it. That is, this point, in fact, is the most important when website development for your business has become a priority.


Step 2. Work out the structure of the site

Typically, each site has a standard set of pages home page; About us and Contacts. However, in reality, the device of any resource is much more complicated, and the more complex the site, the more complex its structure will be. A well-designed structure will help your users navigate the site, quickly find the information they need.

Only specialists can think through the structure of the site correctly, taking into account the requirements of search engines and the specifics of your business, but you should understand what sections you would like to see on the site perhaps you will need not only the product catalog and the module "Shopping cart", but also a blog with product reviews. All this is better to think in advance.


Step 3. Think about design

The average person who just wants a "beautiful site" is difficult to understand exactly how visual beauty and harmony are created. Very often the most beautiful sites look simple. But this does not mean that the designer did not waste time and his work can be devalued.

Browse the pages of the search page, select the sites you like and its not necessarily your direct competitors. This will help you form your opinion on what you would like your site to be stylish and laconic, moderately bright and lively, memorable.


Step 4. Platform for the site: paid or free?

Site platform, or CMS is the site management system. Simply put, it`s a program embedded in the site and allowing you to download products, photos, text information, edit it and perform a number of other options.

For commercial resources and commercial sites recommend paid systems. Why? Because they are more secure, functional, reliable, but you can not save on all this, because the site will contain important business information, your users` data. Each of the platforms has both advantages and disadvantages, and you should discuss this with the developers.


Step 5. Choose the right contractor

On the web you will find dozens of web studios offering website development services. Read the portfolio of works, select the best, and send requests for budget calculations for your site. Above we told what information the studio wants from its customer explaining on paper or in an email what you need, you can get an approximate price for your project.

A few words about what a good contractor is. It`s best if it`s a studio that you can see physically. You can come to the office and communicate directly with the project manager, designers. In such studios, the work usually costs more. However, you can count on official cooperation, meeting deadlines and getting a good result. Be sure to read reviews on Google or social networks - good companies are not afraid to provide customers with this opportunity and are ready to accept even criticism. If you are looking for a contractor to develop your site, feel free to contact OSOM Agency - Website and App Development in Kiev.

We hope that our small guide will help you prepare for the meeting with the web studio and work on the site. We wish you success!

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