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Варианты использования AR приложений в бизнесе


What is an AR application? Just remember these thousands of photos with dog ears and noses on social networks. The AR – Augmented reality technology, augmented reality, allows you to get this effect. However, AR is not at all exhausted by indulgence in Instagram; augmented reality today is one of the most promising digital technologies.

AR applications create digital objects that are reflected on the screen of a smartphone or on wearable devices, complementing the real world with new information. And this information can be the most diverse – gaming, educational, commercial.


Today, many key developers of digital devices and software offer their platforms. Below is a list of platforms.

Apple’s ARKit

The platform from a company from Cupertino allows you to create augmented reality on devices running iOS. Supports Unity, Unreal Engine, and Scenekit engines. This allows the iPhone camera, for example, to interact with real objects. The technology has already been adopted by Peter Jackson’s studio, which created using the Unreal Engine and ARKit a game with warships capable of shelling the city on a real table;

Google ARCore

Rethinking Google Tango technology, which offers, in essence, the same as ARKit: tracking motion, fixing an object on the screen of an Android gadget and projecting an image on a table to view it from different angles.

Facebook Effects Platform

This is a set of effects that enhance the ability to share photos and videos. However, unlike similar effects in Snapchat, here the technology is able to recognize not only faces, but also other objects – clothes, jewelry, cars, food, landscapes. This means that companies have new prospects in creating advertising posts.



The recent excitement around Pokemon hunting with smartphones has shown how a huge audience is involved in the game. Currently, the development of AR-applications is a promising direction, and the commercial boom in the use of technology has not yet come.

AR-applications – a technological bonus that can become a competitive advantage of the company. This is a new, exciting experience for users that will not be able to leave them indifferent.


However, now you can see the synthesis of real and virtual using augmented reality glasses, such as Google Glass, Epson Moverio, Toshiba Glass. These are opportunities for developers of educational applications, games, various services. In augmented reality glasses and smartphones, the range of applications of AR technology can be very wide:

Augmented Reality Games

Augmented reality offers users new options that you definitely want to try. The most striking example we mentioned above is the Pokemon Go game, which has millions of fans worldwide.

Quick information retrieval

Devices with AR allow the user, using only the camera, to get the information about the object that he needs. For example, Google Translate with AR helps to translate various labels on billboards, signs, documents. The translation immediately appears on the screen of the gadget. In approximately the same way, AR museums, shops, airports and any other places and companies can use AR.

AR navigation

Already now there are companies offering car owners a completely different driving experience using special devices that project a map with labels and directions to the windshield of the car. This is, for example, Navion. There are augmented reality navigation services for smartphones.

Interactive store sales

Wearable devices and special software help customers better view the product and see how it will look in the interior. Such an approach is proposed, for example, by Magic Leap, in which giants such as Google and Lucasfilm have already invested.

After-sales service

Providing information about the operation of the device in real time, for example, about the temperature of the unit, assistance in the repair of the product.

Augmented reality is a useful experience for users and new opportunities for companies that strive to keep up with the times, offering advanced solutions. AR-technologies have a great future, their mass use is just around the corner, and it is important not to miss the moment when you can still be one of the first to find a new application of augmented reality technology.

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