Order website development for Bitcoin

It is very important to keep pace with the times and respond to all customer requests. One of such requests is the opportunity to order the website development and make payment by Bitcoin, and not cash or bank transfer to a bank account.

OSOM Agency is one of the first IT companies in Ukraine, which began accepting payments for crypto currency.


What is Bitcoin?

In simple words, it is a digital currency that works only with the help of the Internet. This currency can not be controlled, and the currency itself is generated with the help of millions of computers that use special software to calculate various mathematical algorithms for the correct operation of the entire system.


How to pay for Bitcoin purchases?

With the help of crypto currency, you can pay absolutely anything. The main condition is the possibility for the seller to accept this type of payment. You can buy clothes, equipment and any services. Moreover, it was in Kiev, for the first time in the world was officially sold the apartment for crypto currency. The truth in this particular case was Ethereum, not Bitcoin.

Compared to conventional banks or other payment systems, you can open a Bitcoin account in just 5 minutes and a cup of coffee.


1. Obtaining an address

To begin with, you need to register your unique address - the analogue of the account in an ordinary bank. With it, you can receive and send payments to your counterparties. The main thing is not to lose your unique URL and password access to your wallet, since it can not be restored. In this case, all the money in your account can be considered lost.

2. Purchase of crypto currency

When you already have your wallet, there remains the question of its replenishment. There are 2 options - either your customers pay you a purse and you need to think only about how and when to withdraw funds; or you need to replenish your account with different websites, which are very numerous on the Internet. There you can pay with your bank card or different payment services.

3. Pay for the purchase

As we wrote above - you can pay for Bitcoin purchases in a very large number of places. If on the site where you make a purchase, there is a Bitcoin logo in the list of payment systems, when you make an order in the online store, you can choose to pay Bitcoin and after clicking the "Checkout" button, you will be redirected to the page where you can pay the bill for crypto currency.


Can I order your services for Bitcoin?

In OSOM Agency you can order the development of a site, create a design or a mobile application and pay for work with Bitcoin. To do this, you just need to say during communication with your manager that you want to pay for the implementation of the project with the help of crypto currency and we will discuss with you all the details of the payment at the meeting.

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